art classes at aac

Kids & Teens Spring 2017 Weekly Sessions

Sessions for ages 2 - 14 meet weekly to learn about contemporary artists and techniques, and make fun, unique projects to take home! Class is in session for eight weeks, 4 - 14 year olds meet after school, while students 2 - 3 years meet mid-mornings.

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My First Portfolio

Multiple Class Times Available!

Thrilling 3D - Ages 4 - 6

Thrilling 3D - Ages 7 - 10

Apr 19 thru Jun 7 @ 4:30 - 6 pm

Into the Third Dimension

Apr 19 thru Jun 7 @ 4:30 - 6 pm

My First Portfolio | Ages 2 - 3

Wednesdays, Apr 19 thru May 10 @ 10 - 11 am

Saturdays, May 6 thru Jun 17 @ 10 - 11 am

Wednesdays, May 24 thru Jun 14 @ 10 - 11 am

This is a special offering for young children and their caregivers. Moms, dads, grandparents, and nannies are invited to join for a creative experience with their young child. Together, you’ll experiment with diverse art materials. Children strengthen cognitive, sensory, and motor skills while you both benefit from a unique and artistic bonding experience. Emphasis will be placed on keepsake artwork, pieces that the child and caregiver create together that you’ll want to hold on to for many years to come. Lessons will incorporate art themes, so caregivers find intellectual and creative value in the course.

AAC instructor Michelle Williams has a wealth of experience teaching art to preschool and elementary-aged students that you can see in her ease, confidence, and patience with young children. With an MA in art history she's able to offer caregivers an equally educational experience.

Thrilling 3D
Wednesdays, Apr 19 thru Jun 7 @ 4:30 - 6 pm

Ages 4 - 6

Ages 7 - 10

We'll be inspired by contemporary artists as we create three-dimensional works of all kinds. Our subjects will range from animals to architecture, and materials will range from the familiar (clay, paper, and fabric) to the less traditional (cardboard and found objects).

The creative, colorful, and whimsical projects we make will range from masks, sculptures, and dioramas to houses and mobiles.

Into the Third Dimension | Ages 11 - 14
Wednesdays, Apr 19 thru Jun 7 @ 4:30 - 6 pm

We'll be inspired by modern and contemporary artists as we create a variety of three-dimensional works. Students will learn how to create sculptures that hang on the wall, sit on a pedestal, or suspend from the ceiling.

Our subjects will range from animals to furniture, and materials will include clay, wire, recycled materials, and more!