birthday parties at aac

Celebrate your child’s birthday with an individually-tailored art workshop at Arlington Arts Center! AAC will provide you with the use of a classroom for a two-hour period, during which one of our excellent instructors will lead a 45-minute art workshop. The workshop will incorporate an art lesson based upon the interests of your child. Basic supplies such as paints, pencils, markers, pastels and paper are provided.

Birthday Party FAQ’s:

How far in advance do we need to schedule the event?

In order for AAC to find just the right teacher for your party, it's best to give us a month's notice.

How many guests may we invite?

The maximum number of students we can accommodate in the workshop is 15, including the birthday girl or boy. Please plan your guest list accordingly. We cannot make exceptions for groups larger than 15.

How many adults should be present at the party?

We require one parent chaperone for every 10 students, so if the maximum number of 15 is attending the party, two parents must be present. Additional adults are welcome, as long as the total number of people in the classroom does not exceed 25.

Who teaches the art workshop?

An experienced AAC instructor, determined by the age group and artistic interests of the birthday girl or boy, will lead the art workshop.

At what point during the party does the workshop take place?

The workshop starts at the beginning of the two-hour rental. This allows the instructor sufficient time and space to set-up prior to the guests’ arrival.

What can we do after the workshop is over?

The remaining hour following the workshop can be used to serve snacks, cake, etc. provided by you. AAC has a refrigerator available for your use to store food during the party.

What is the cost of the party?

The total cost is $330. This includes the instructor fee, basic art supplies, and rental of a classroom for two hours.  If you would like to incorporate any art supplies not provided by AAC (such as canvases or other special requests), please purchase them and drop them off at AAC in advance.

What if there are any damages to art or AAC property during the party?

AAC requires a $500 damage deposit upon booking. This deposit is fully-refundable. In the event of any damage, we will deduct the costs incurred from the deposit.